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Cellulose Ethers

Cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose, the most abundant polymer in nature. For a long time these versatile products have played an important role in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, latex paints, construction products, ceramics, and a host of other applications. Cellulose products are used as thickeners, binders, film formers, and water-retention agents. They also function as suspension aids, surfactants, lubricants, protective colloids, and emulsifiers. In addition, solutions of cellulose thermally gel, a unique property that plays a key role in a surprising variety of applications.

In build material systems our celluluose ethers have good performance on water retention and consistency, at the same time, they can increase the homogeneity and stability of all types of mortar.To achieve this only very small addition cost are required.

Application Properties

     Water rentention
     Consistency control
     Adhesion improvement
     Stabilising of air pores
     Improvement of workability