details of the application - Hand Washing & Dish Washing

JincelloTM HPMC has a branch series specially developed for household and personal care. 

It is a kind of thickener, suspending agent, wetting agent, lubricant and foam stabilizer, dedicated to detergent application. It has good compatibility with other detergent additives.

It can be quickly dispersed in cold water by stirring, the hydration gel polymer network is formed in a short time to establish the required viscosity.

·Fast disperse and dissolve in cold water;
·Excellent storage stability for both powder and liquid;
·High ion concentration and PH tolerance;
·Good wettability;
·Good foam stabilization effect;
·Good smoothness and lubrication effect;
·High gelation temperature

This series is widely accepted and popular in hand washing sanitizer & dish washing detergent applications.