Fishy Flavor

Product Description

Fishy Flavor is a kind of attractant with fish odour. When used in aqua, it will improve the feed intake for fish, shrimp, crab and others. It is a good replacement of fish meal.

Main Functions 

The main functions of fishy flavor added into fish feed are: 

* It has a strong fish odour which can effectively cover up the disliked odour for animals in feed and greatly improve the palatability of feed; 

* It helps to regulate the internal environmental of animals and improves the feed utilization rate. Especially for plant protein feed, the utilization rate in animal's body is obviously improved, thus significantly reducing the feed cost; 

* It can attract fish to eat quickly, promotes the growth of fish fry. Lowebait coefficient to improve economic returns; 

*When used in combination with other protein feeds, it can partially replace other animal protein materials such as fish meal. 1kg of fishy flavor equals to 30kgs of fish meal in terms of the depth of smell.

Package & Storage

Fishy flavor is available in net 25kgs bags in polyethylene with liner.  

They should be stored in dry place with bags well closed.